Queuing System in Optimization Function of the Port's Bulk Unloading Terminal

  • Mirano Hess
  • Serđo Kos
  • Svjetlana Hess
Keywords: stochastic processes, queuing system M/M/1, unloading terminal of bulk cargo port


The paper demonstrates the application of the queuing theOIYin modelling the port's bulk cargo unloading terminal. Abulk cargo terminal can be obsetved as a queuing system definedby basic parameters: the rate of bulk cargo ship arrivals orquantity of bulk cargo and the rate of ship servicing i. e. quantityof bulk cwgo, in an observed time unit. Appropriate indices ofbulk cmgo terminal operations are computed on the basis ofthese parameters. The unloading terminal is detennined as aqueuing system marked with MIMI I by Kendall notation. Thesystem is characterized by Poisson distribution of entity arrivalsand exponentially distributed service time. Subsequently, themodel set up will be tested on the real example of the unloadingterminal of the bulk cmgo port in Bakar. Through applicationof the proposed model it should be possible to make a decisionon how to optimize the transhipment processes on the bulk dischmgingtemzinal to increase its efficiency. The obtained parametersand the calculated indices point to solid capacity employmentrate in 2005 and the probability that the berth is unoccupiedis relatively low. Indices show that the tenninaltrafficrate has dramatically improved taking into consideration theprevious years.


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