Work Rehabilitation and Rcsocialisation of Cancer Patients Regarding Traffic

  • Eduard Missoni
  • Ivo Suić
  • Damir Egulja
Keywords: cancer, rehabilitation, resocialisation


Incidence of cancer disease in Croatia is about 20,000 everyyear. In the same time, about 11,000 cancer patients die. Ifthe average survival of cancer patients is five years, it is obviousthat an enormous number of patients need rehabilitation andresocialisation, according to the stage of their disease. One ofthe best ways to achieve this goal is work rehabilitation, whichcontributes to the quality of livi11g and to the desire of the patientsthemselves to participate in the treatment and curing process,especially in the second phase which often includes reconstructivesurgery or use of rehabilitation devices. Work rehabilitationand resocialisation should be peifonned in assistance bythe family doctor and the patients organised in the Club ofCancer Treated Persons which has already gained high recognitionin the Croatian Cancer League.


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