Analysis of Traffic Safety Factors at Level Rail-Road Crossings

  • Tomislav Mlinarić
  • Rašid Zuko
  • Milivoj Gregurić
Keywords: level crossings, traffic safety, traffic accidents, traffic safety legislation


The paper analyses the main factors of traffic safety andreliabilityat level crossings. The number and causes of accidentsare stated, that result from ignorance, insufficient training ofthe traffic participants, their ilnsponsibility and insufficient orincomplete legislation, as well as from insufficiently professionaland scientifically not serious enough approach to solvingthis cardinal problem in road and railway traffic. Based on theanalysis the causes are determined and solutions proposed, aswell as more efficient methods to improve safety and reduce thenumber of traffic accidents at level crossings.


Annual reports of the Croatian Railways Interior

Control Service

Rail Traffic Safety Act, Zagreb, 1992

Road Traffic Safety Act, Zagreb, 1996

Road Transport Act, Zagreb, 1998

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