Just in Time as a Logistical Supply Concept

  • Gregor Veselko
  • Igor Jakomin
Keywords: Just in Time, JIT, Quick Response, QR, inventories, costs, time, logistic concept


Recent developments have shown revolutionary progress inthe areas of information technology, logistical science andinternationalisation of business. These facts and the elementsinvolved strongly influence the methods of production and provisionof services thanks to an i'epressibly growing speed ofdata and information transfer and surmounting the culturaland geographical obstacles, which has given rise to new conceptsof business process optimisation in overcoming the distancein space and time. The result of that development weretwo concepts in the business world, the Just in Time (J!T) conceptand its integral part 'Quick Response': whose origins arein the Far East, in Japan, in the automotive industry. Thebreak-through of these concepts and their fast spreading toother spheres of the world economy can be attributed to theiroverwhelming efficiency. Both concepts aim to release the capitaltied in inventories, and to reduce them, avoiding thus anysurplus inventories.


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