Mogućnosti korištenja otpadnih guma cestovnih vozila

  • Husein Džanić
  • Damir Božičević


The paper deals with the composition and quantities of waste tires of motor vehicles and possibilities of their utilization as possible potential secondary raw materials. The possible quantities available in the world, in the territory of former Yugoslavia, and the city of Zagreb have been reviewed. The possible available quantities of waste tires (pneumatics) in the year 1991 are as follows: in the world this comes to l. 7 x JO pieces of which 84% is still on automobiles, in former Yugoslavia it comes to 9.637.466 pieces or 267.049 tons, and in Zagreb it comes to 862.780 pieces or 18.635 tons while only as /itl/e as less than JO% is collected. It has been established that radial/ tires on automobiles on the roads of Croatia are used up on covered 50.000 kilometers of journey, 8,2% of radial-ply tn1ck tires after 60.000 kilometers 15% and cross-ply 17.1%. Out of a number of methods of utilization of waste rubber pneumatics the environmental and economic highest advantage rests in recycling and processing in cryogen procedure into rubber powder (recycler).

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