Controlling Longitudinal Safe Distance Between Vehicles

  • Seyyed Mohammad Sadat Hoseini
  • Mahmmood Fathi
  • Manouchehr Vaziri


Controlling the safe distances between vehicles on freeways can be used to prevent many accidents. In this research, image-processing techniques have been used to develop an online system that calculates the longitudinal distances between vehicles. This system facilitates controlling safe distances between vehicles without the need for high technology devices. Our approach is real-time and simple, but efficient operations have been used to reduce the image occlusion problem. The main concept of this system is using simple, quick, and effective algorithms for calculating the position of each vehicle in each image. In this way, traffic parameters like speed and distances between vehicles can be calculated for each vehicle in real time. In addition, aggregate parameters like average speed, density, and traffic flow can be calculated using gathered data of single vehicles. As an application of the developed system, controlling the safe distance between vehicles has been introduced. In this system, in case of a driver who does not observe the safe distance, the scene of violation is stored and can be used by the police agencies. KEY WORDS: image processing, traffic, longitudinal safe distance, real time, occlusion
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Hoseini SMS, Fathi M, Vaziri M. Controlling Longitudinal Safe Distance Between Vehicles. Promet - Traffic&Transportation. 2012;21(5):303-10. DOI: 10.7307/ptt.v21i5.245