Real-time Detection of Road Traffic Incidents

  • Pero Škorput
  • Sadko Mandžuka
  • Niko Jelušić


The paper analyses the real-time detection of incidents in road traffic. A general model is presented of an integral road traffic incident management system. The paper presents the major incident detection methods. The detection procedure on open highway sections has been dealt with in particular. Adequate mathematical model has been defined, as the base for the realisation of the estimators of the traffic flow condition variables. The proposed method is the Extended Kalman Filter. The final part of the paper deals with an example for the realisation of the Incident Management Decision Support System (IMDSS). KEY WORDS: intelligent transport system, incident management system, traffic model in the status space, theory of estimation, extended Kalman filter, automatic incident detection, decision support system
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Škorput P, Mandžuka S, Jelušić N. Real-time Detection of Road Traffic Incidents. Promet [Internet]. 2012Mar.1 [cited 2024Jul.12];22(4):273-8. Available from:

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