Aspects of Reducing Polluting Impact of Shipyards on the Kvarner Bay

  • Nada Štrumberger
  • Natalija Maletić
Keywords: traffic ecology, pollution reduction, sea traffic, Kvamer bay


Four shipyards are located in the area of the Kvamer Bay,and they normally, at more or less regular intervals pe!form thecleaning of ship hulls. Due to the lack of necessary financialmeans, these processes usually mean applying of solid abrasiveswhich, due to their characteristics cause significant environmentalpollution.This paper presents the impact of individual shipyards, withregard to the extent of given se1vice - the treated area in squaredmetres, on the global pollution of the Kvamer Bay as well aspreventive and recovery measures that are feasible on a locallevel with the aim of reducing pollution.


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