Container- Feeder Service Rijeka (Ploce)- Gioia Tauro (Malta)

  • Velimir Kolar
  • Pave Marinović
  • Grgo Luburić
Keywords: feeder service, combined transport, container flows


Over the recent years the container feeder service is becomingan increasingly important element of containerisation. Thechanges in container flows caused by political changes in CentralEurope have resulted in a drain of a significant part of thistransport from the Adriatic to the North European ports. Theilztroduction of the container train Budapest - Rijeka, for theneeds of feeder service would mean a significant step towardsrevitalisation of the Rijeka transport route.With adequate government support, the Croatian sea-goingship operators will form the basic factor in the development ofcontainerisation and feeder service, and this will result in thereturnof the container transport to the ports of Rijeka and Place,thus at the same time improving the Croatian foreign trade exchangeand increasing the level of exploitation at the mentionedports, railway, agents, forwarding agents, and shipsowned by line ship operators.


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