ADSL Technology

  • Slavko Šarić
  • Matej Derstvenšek
  • Tihomir Jakopović
Keywords: ADSL, telecommunications, data transfer


The paper deals with the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital SubscriberLine) technology- the asymmetric digital telecommunicationtechnology. It is characterised by high-speed transmissionof data and simultaneous transmission of information regardingthe throughput capacity of the telephone network. Thisresults in better efficiency of transmission, and higher utilisationof the bandwidth. Due to its advantages, the use of ADSLtechnology is increasing daily, especially by ente1prises in Europeand worldwide.


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http://www .slip. net/ded ica tedsales/adsl_ t u tori a I. h tml

ITU-T: preporuke serije G.99X

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